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Laboratory-Division Quantum Electrodynamics of Self-Organizing Systems and Dynamical Properties of Time

Head of the LD: Valentine P. Oleinik

  • Physicist-theoretician, doctor of phys.-math. sciences, professor
  • Tel. 8-044-241-76-49 (office) 8-044-267-58-08 (home)
  • E-mail:

    Main task of the LD:
    research in the field of the quantum electrodynamics of self-organizing systems, elucidation of the physical essence of time, and working out of practical recommendations for creating the radically new technologies in engineering on the basis of the newest development of QED.

    Purpose of the site:
    to draw attention of both the physicists and all those who are interested in the fundamental problems of physics to the results of the newest development of quantum electrodynamics (QED) and to the prospects of creating the qualitatively new electronic devices and technologies following from them.