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Research program

Causal or unsymmetrical mechanics is field of physics studying of nature of fundamental time asymmetry and phenomena related with it. Its principles were founded in 1950-80th by Russian scientist of mark Nikolay Alexandrovich Kozyrev (1908-1983).

The basic postulate is acceptance of irreversibility by the fundamental property of time itself, but not at the particular systems. In other words, the axiom of departure is presence of a time property allowing in principle to tell the causes from the effects. Acceptance of such property (called course of time) involves very important new phenomena, which can be studied experimentally and which, perhaps, play a principle role in the large-scale natural processes (e.g. in origin of the star's energy). In particular, appearance of the new additional forces in the guro systems (along the axis of rotation, absent in classic), a principle new mechanism of distant transaction of irreversible processes, at last appearance the energy of time itself, and in this sense its certain materialisation have to do which such phenomena.

Appearance of causal mechanics evoked, in due time, stormy discussions, but, on the whole, rather negative reaction of physical establishment. The last paint was explained by three circumstances: sharp divergence with "Marxian-rigth" philosophy, weak formalisation of theoretic speculations and doubt of rigour of experiments. The first one has been dropped now, but inertia of negation continues to act, since its carriers are at the head of Russian academic science for the present. But the second and third ones are more essential. Really, N.A. Kozyrev had used in his theoretical speculations as operational concepts such indefinite ones as "cause", "effect", "solidity of causal connection" and so on. And really level of rigour of his experiments was, on the whole, not high (that is another matter, Kozyrev's concept had, as distinct from ones of his critics, experimentally verified predictability, while the critics did not try to reproduce these experiments at their labs). After N.A. Kozyrev's death, his experiments had been successfully reproduced by number of researchers, but their level of rigour was not higher, that is why their results had not change uncertainty of the situation.

Some members of the lab-chair team have been working in given field from the middle of 1970th, the greater part-from the middle of 1990th, when sharp activation of investigations occurred. The main achievement of the team can be formulated in the following points:

  1. Mathematical formulation of the points of departure of causal mechanics has been given.
  2. The method of causal analysis of the observables has been created and tested on the theoretical and numerous of experimental examples.
  3. Thy gyro-effects of causal mechanics in geophysics, manifested in asymmetry of the figure, geological structure and distribution of the physical fields in the solid earth and atmosphere have been analysed.
  4. The model of Kozyrev's transaction, uniting principles of causal mechanics, quantum nonlocality in the strong macroscopic limit and action-at-a-distance electrodynamics, has been formulated.
  5. Theory of the detectors of Kozyrev's transaction has been developed.
  6. Two experimental setups for study of Kozyrev's transaction of the dissipative processes had been created.
  7. The long-term experiment on study of Kozyrev's transaction of the large-scale natural processes was performed.
  8. Existence of Kozyrev's transaction of the geophysical dissipative processes of various nature: synoptical, geoelectromagnetic, ionospheric ones and also the solar activity has experimentally been shown. Nonlocality of this transaction has been proved. Existence of retarded, zero and symmetrically advanced time lay in nonlocal transaction has been confirmed.
  9. The experiment on study of Kozyrev's transaction of the controlled dissipative processes, confirmed its universal nature and discovered its stochastical one, has been performed.

As a result present state of the matter can be described as following. The main ideas of causal mechanics closely shout to one another with ones of quantum non-locality and Wheeler-Feynman action-at-a-distance electrodynamics. The last one provides for equal in rights existence of the retarded and advanced fields and, in this sense, restores time symmetry, man-made violated with usual field approaches (by discarding the advanced solutions). But time asymmetry (T- noninvariantness) manifests itself as asymmetry of absorption efficiency of the retarded and advanced fields. The advanced field is directly unobservable, but it is responsible for a mechanism of radiation damping. The last one accompanies any dissipative (irreversible) process. Therefore any dissipative processes transact with each other. This transaction expresses through relation of the entropy production and it can be measured by a detector based upon a controlled probe process. The transaction has nonlocal nature (any local its carriers are absent) and, apparently is manifestation of quantum nonlocality in the strong macrolimit. It posses number of remarkable properties, in particular availability of advanced lag, that allows to observe the future state of the process-source (under condition its non-controllability by the observer).

The described picture is result of heuristic formalism, confirmed by the experiment. There fore development of the theory of causal mechanics is vital (it is formally developed for the present only in its principles. So necessary is development of the experiment, so far as for the present only the first confirmations of the heuristic model (the equation of macroscopic nonlocality) are obtained, importance of the idea and the predictable consequences need more experimental basis.