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Educational program and tasks

Educational program is intended for training to work in area of the physical properties of time research and employment of gained knowledge for description of the real physical processes.

  1. Mathematical methods of description of the stochastic physical systems.

    Random processes. Distribution function. Characteristic function. Stochastic differential systems. Markovian processes. Pugachev and Kolmogorov equations. Forker-Planck equations. Non-markovian processes.

  2. Information entropy. Shannon theorems. Kolmogorov entropy. Lyapunov information functional.

  3. Entropy in the physical processes.

    Methods of calculation of thermodynamics entropy. Boltzmann entropy. Entropy production in the irreversible processes. Progogine-Glansdorff evolution criterion.

  4. Irreversible equations of physical kinetics Description of Brownian motion and diffusion Phase transitions.

    Open thermodynamical system.

  5. Causality.

    Kozyrev causal mechanics. Causal analysis.

  6. Model of fluctuating time.

    Description of time as a random non-markovian process. Space-time with fluctuating metrics.

  7. Employment of irreversible physical processes theory.

    Non-local transactions of the irreversible physical processes. Methods of observation of macroscopic nonlocality. Experimental results.