Michael Wesely: a person who has captured the Time

Exposures of several seconds in a photo will not surprise anybody. In a few minutes, however, too. A few hours? Although this is not so uncommon and sometimes happens. What about a few days? Weeks? Years? It turns out that it happens! Works of Michael Wesely - a German photographer who lives in Berlin - are truly stunning. This is a man who was actually capable of photographing the time.

The way modern New York was being built - exposure of about 3 years...

More photos showing the construction of New York and Berlin - excerpts from several months to several years:

The bands in the sky show the sun ...

Something inc color:

Here, excerpts were probably within a few hours ...

And interesting, including artistically, the series with tulips (or rather, a few shots from it) - excerpts about a week:

* The author apologizes for collection of photographs of various sizes - they were uploaded from the heap of different sources.

() www.wesely.org